How to disrupt public transport and become rich in 10 steps

Attention : the business concept and the belonging steps described below are
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Get rich quick

Imagine you make big money by offering public transport
at lower rates than official MTR systems. No problem !
We will teach you the principles of succes in the startup
and transport world. It's all about creating a train sharing app.


How to start

In the beginning you will need

- an idea
  (a unique selling proposition or USP, haha !)
- complete lack of scruples
  (no problem for an average MBA)
- a bunch of young brainless idiots to adopt your idea
  (hey, there are plenty of them out there)
- some basic funding
  (just for the start, early adaptors soon
  will take care of necessary financial input)

Your USP:
Ride the public transport at 30 percent of the official cost.


Ten steps to success

Step 1
Steal the code of an open source MTR app, add user subscription and payment modules.

Step 2
Buy half a dozen ladders or better find half a dozen idiots who own a ladder.

Step 3
Find first round investor and create a Cayman Islands Ltd. to collect your new riches.

Step 4
Start marketing your app by calling it "The perfect free MTR app" or something more creative.
Offer free rides during the first week.

Step 5
Place your ladder-owning idiots on the platforms of the most important
MTR stations of the first city to disrupt (Make sure they have a season
ticket allowing them to stay on the platform for some time)

Step 6
Use your app to route first week offer users

Step 7
Use your ladder-owning idiots to help users climb on the roof of trains

Step 8
Produce some video of enthusiastic happy customers who take the MTR
for 30 per cent of the official price. Let them praise the adventurous
feeling of the innovative way to use trains.

Step 9
Introduce a basic monthly subscription at 30 per cent the official MTR rate
and find more ladder-owning idiots and customers willing to pay less.

Step 10
Blackmail public transport system operators into accepting your service
(invite official journalists to MTR party with lots of drugs, alcohol and
girls, have them write stuff about bad old fashioned public MTR, let them
praise your consumer liberating app, bribe some city council members into
criticising public MTR, they sure will find some stuff which is not working)


Cash out

After having completed these steps use second round financing to fill up
your cayman wallet and attack additional cities public MTR and transport
systems or take the money an run. It's up to you whether you abandon your
employees and customers at once or after x millions.

Cash in

If by chance it turns out that you can easily continue to milk everybody
else then wait and continue your business. You might be a reincarnation
of Jeff Bezos. Repeat the steps above until you have conquered the world.

Optional steps

optional step 1
Join forces with the universal basic income movement. They will provide lots of
weird and fascinating reasons why your app is the solution to all and any
transport problem in the world. Use the terms "free", "grassroot" and "bottom up")

optional step 2
Introduce agility. You will make more money through total control of even the
smallest step towards completion of your product backlog.

Optional step 3
Refine your brand name. Make your initial errors / crimes forgotten and
polish the image of your brand.

Optional step 4
Have the city council or the national parliament adopt a law to legalize
and foster your business concept. Follow the example of german
Gesetz zur Bevorrechtigung des Carsharing (Carsharinggesetz - CsgG).

Optional step 5
Pay no taxes.
In fact this is not optional but it did not fit into the official concept.

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You can get rich quick by disrupting public everything !


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